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Appeals require careful attention to the record. Reversals are not automatic and are usually reversed on legal matters. Appellate courts will not “reweigh” the evidence and the burden is on the appellant to prove his or her case; therefore, arguments must be chosen judiciously. Although litigants have an automatic right to a direct appeal in Indiana, litigants do not have an automatic right to the Indiana Supreme Court except in very limited circumstances. Therefore, it is very important to strategically and carefully plan out your appellate strategy and briefing.

Ciobanu Law attorneys litigate and represent appeals in both state and federal courts covering a vast array of subject areas and issues, such as, family, law, and criminal appeals (including Post-Conviction Relief). Ciobanu Law attorneys also represent persons after entry of judgment where no appeal was taken from the judgment or where an appeal is anticipated. Ciobanu Law Attorneys may also represent matters that require a Motion to Correct Errors to correct various matters on the record or in an order. Our attorneys also have experience in appellate oral arguments. For instance, Andrea Ciobanu has participated in oral arguments before the Indiana Appellate and Supreme Courts as well as the Seventh Circuit. Ciobanu Law Attorneys have worked on cases that are published Indiana and Appellate Court Opinions.

The Rules of Appellate Procedure may be accessed at: Indiana Appellate Rules

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